How Do You Attract a High Value Woman?

How Do You Attract a High Value Woman?

What kind of MAN do you think you would need to BE in order to attract that kind of woman?

Okay, sh*t about to get real. Let’s have the hard talk. Man to man. I’m not gonna pull any punches. Read at your own risk.

So you say you want an amazing, kind, faithful, loving woman, right?

You want a woman who respects and admires you… A woman who is affectionate and loves sex.

You want her to love you who you are and be a true partner that has your back when the going is tough. Right?

Do you understand the demands that unavoidably come with wooing and winning a woman of great value?

It will require your ALL. It will require that you own your shit, all of it, even the deep, dark, hidden, awful parts.

There is no escaping this truth: water seeks its own level. Like attracts like.

You will always attract a mate who is as whole, integrated, and evolved as you are. If you don’t like what you are attracting, you must first look in the mirror.

You attract what you ARE, not what you WANT

Okay, hang onto your hat because this might feel a little triggering. In order to partner with a woman of worth, you must be willing to confront:

  • The immature jackass within you (we all have a version)
  • The controlling dude that proclaims “it’s my way or the highway” no matter the cost
  • The fake “Nice Guy” who isn’t really nice and secretly (and unconsciously) manipulates others for his own benefit and security
  • The wounded, needy little boy who demands constant reassurance and forces his Lover to act as his Mother
  • The impatient “teenager” who mutters, “This is bullshit, man” and disappears into his man cave whenever he feels insecure
  • The shadow parts of yourself that aren’t accepted by you or our society
  • The ingrained distrust of the feminine that has kept you from intimacy your entire life
  • The terror that keeps you from being vulnerable because you think it’s “weak”
  • The anger you use as both a shield and a weapon when what you are actually feeling is hurt or shame
  • Your lifelong habit of trying to live solely from the neck up and the waist down, denying that you are an emotional and even spiritual being
  • The deep seated fear that you will never be worthy enough to attract the kind of woman you desire

To meet eye to eye on level ground with an extraordinary woman is not easy. But you know in your heart that it is well worth it.


There is no shortcut, secret formula or magic bullet.

This journey is not for the faint of heart. Only the courageous need apply.

This is not a prize that you can buy, steal, or fake your way into getting. You must be willing to do the work.

You must be willing to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes.

This transformation means risking everything you have been up until now in order to become that which you never dreamed you could be.

Armoring your heart, tightening your grip, wielding control, and left-braining everything to death will end in defeat.

The paradise you seek is on the other side of vulnerability, understanding, acceptance and an open hand.

What got you here will not get you where you want to go.

Skimming the surface won’t get you there.

Faking it won’t get you there.

Lip service won’t get you there.


  • Knowing yourself can get you there.
  • Understanding, and accepting every aspect of yourself can get you there.
  • Tearing down the fortress around your heart can get you there.
  • Becoming outcome independent and the trusting process can get you there.
  • Forgiving every woman who has ever wronged you can get you there.
  • Forgiving yourself can get you there.

There is only one place to start:

You do the work on your own. And you do it for YOU. Not for approval from others, but because you are finally ready to be the great man you truly are.

You are ready to waken the hero within you.

You discover, you let go, you heal, you gather around you all your bastard children – that is, the shamed, outcast, disowned parts of you – and you welcome them back home to be healed and reintegrated.

Then and only then will you be ready to find a conscious woman who will meet you on the playing field as an equal, as a partner, as a mate.

Now you can continue the journey side by side. You will not complete each other but complement one another. 

And what you bring as individuals will create a third, greater entity – Your Relationship – which is more powerful than anything you or she could have ever created by yourselves.

So. What kind of partner are you worthy of?


(Inspired by Sabrina Lynn Domenosky)

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