"This isn't working..."

"I need space..."

"I love you but I'm
not IN love with you..."

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Can a Man Save His Marriage?

The short answer: YES!
But you must STOP the anxious behaviors that are making things worse and START becoming a confident and attractive man again!


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You want to be a confident, calm, unapologetic man.

But what does it even mean to be a man today?

You get so many mixed messages.

  • Some say you’ve got to toughen up, step up, man up, and be able to take a punch to the face without flinching
  • Others call you “toxic” and want you to be soft, passive, and pliable

Neither choice is the basis for being a healthy man. 

Women Hating A-hole or Spineless Wimp are not the only options.

And yet, you feel might feel stuck somewhere in the middle, putting up with a life that is “okay” but not GREAT.

“It’s got to get better than this!”   Right?

Here’s the thing: It’s not your fault.

There are so many things that your father didn’t teach you.

And you’re not alone.

There are many men – myself included - who felt like they weren’t in line when the “instruction manual” was handed out. 

It’s time for you to live the life that up till now you’ve haven’t even dared to dream about.

I teach my clients how to be calm, confident, happy men who courageously create the love relationships, career, and life that they truly want – on their terms.

How does that sound to you?


Tim Wade and
Steve Horsmon present:


An In-Depth, Laser-Focused, Intensive Designed To Give You Back Your Masculine Confidence, Clarity, Peace, Happiness, and Mojo When Your Marriage Is On the Rocks

Success Stories... 

When I started working with Tim, I was recently separated. Even though I had been doing work on myself, I was feeling stuck. He really helped me move forward with my life and gain a sense of clarity and vision for my future. 

Without his knowledge, wisdom and support, I would not have found this path that I am now on. I truly owe it all to Tim. A sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Scott H. - Canada

When Tim started talking.. it was like what he was saying was describing my experience exactly. Sure wish I knew 3 years ago what I know now. But, as my grandpa used to say, "try wishing in one hand and shitting in the other, and see which one fills up first!

Joel P. - Colorado

Who knew that being yourself could be so easy! And my wife has come back around, completely turned-on by the "new" me, and we are having fun together again. She said, "Whatever it is that you're doing, keep it up!"  

Matt P. - New Jersey

I truly appreciate your help through all of this. You are helping me save my life in a lot of ways, and I can't express my appreciation enough.

Dan K. - Wyoming

“Tim has been a valuable coach who came along at a time when I was looking for answers and change. I spent 2 years suffering from “nice guy syndrome”. Tim coached me to understand that “saving a relationship” meant I was defining how I should live my life by what would make her happy.

This changed my entire outlook and I began challenging the norm, actually standing up for myself and realizing that marriage therapy alone was not the answer. I truly got to a place where I would not settle for scraps in my relationship. I can say my wife and I are now “moving back in” together and will not only stay together, but will share a bedroom again after 8 years of living in separate rooms. Tim was great”

Mike C. - Illinois


  • …be happier in your relationship?
  • … feel confident and calm in your masculine power?
  • … have a life filled with more love, passion, sex, and affection?
  • … stop being so angry and resentful?
  • … become the man, husband, father, and lover that you’ve always wanted to be?

Let me help you get total clarity on what your next steps are. I want you to confidently know
who you are, what you want, and where you're headed.

Apply for a FREE consultation call with me. We'll talk about what's going on for you and how you can begin to get what you really want.

I promise you'll feel better after we talk.


Tim Wade and Steve Horsmon Present


Learn How to Become a Calm, Confident Leader in Your Life and Relationship and Create the Connection and
Intimacy You Really Want.

This unique gathering is a 4 day, all-inclusive adventure at Sylvan Dale Ranch in picturesque Colorado.

Each day,  will be a variety of talking, teaching, learning, riding, sharing, laughing and connecting with each other.  

I invite you to join me and master coach Steve Horsmon for the ride of your life!



Take Your Mojo to the Next Level and
Become an High Value, Unapologetic, Man

What better way to up-level your mojo than spending 4 days in paradise learning, laughing, and growing with a group of amazing men?

More confidence. More Fun. More MOJO!

Come to beautiful Punta Mita Mexico with me and Steve Horsmon to learn, stretch, relax, revive, and enjoy the company of some extraordinary brothers.