You CAN begin to change the direction of your marriage. I want to share with you the things you must STOP doing right now and the actions you must START taking immediately. 






The movies told us to be like Clint Eastwood – a stoic, unemotional, badass.

Our moms taught us to be good boys who act “nice” and please everyone (especially women).

And our dads? Well, they believed that “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

And it’s all a crock. 

The Macho Jerk and the Wimpy Nice Guy have one thing in common: they BOTH FINISH LAST.

And only little boys need to “make mama happy.”

Clearly, the paradigm for what it is to be a modern man is severely broken.

More and more men each year are living out their lives in quiet desperation, hoping things will get better. And too often, they suddenly get clobbered by the divorce bomb when their wives finally say ENOUGH!

Here’s the good news:


If you want to become a confident, unapologetic, happy, and wildly attractive man, then you are in the right place.

There is a proven way to go from feeling like life is an endless chorus of “Is That All There Is?” to actually creating the love life, sexual fulfillment, wealth, and happiness that you deserve.

You do not have to settle for

a ho-hum marriage,

a non-existent sex life,

and a downward slide into a wheelchair…

It’s a simple equation really:

Same Actions = Same Results

New Actions = New Results

Coaching will change your life. You will learn exactly which negative behaviors to immediately stop and what empowering actions to immediately take. I promise that if you are committed to changing your life for the better, this is the way to do it.

I want to GIFT you a coaching session.
Let’s have a powerful,
life-changing conversation. 


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    a sex life that you’re excited about with both intimacy and unbridled passion?
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    to confidently ask for what you want?
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    to experience deep love with an affectionate, loving partner who you fully trust?
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    to be able to express who you truly are without apologizing?
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    to wake up every morning with energy and drive clearly knowing where you are going in your life?
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    to easily make decisions based on your own values and beliefs?
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    to learn how to instinctually deal with relationship problems that used to baffle you?



Your life is finite – a precious non-renewable resource. Every day you let slip away can never, ever be regained.

You don’t have to settle for a life that this “pretty good.”

Let’s do this thing.

Tim Wade is a Speaker, Writer, and Coach who helps “nice guys” to step into their full masculinity and take leadership of their own lives.  As a recovering SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guy) himself, he knows all too well the pitfalls, traps, and mistakes that nice guys make when trying to navigate their lives and relationships.

Tim’s personal track record – Marriage, Divorce, Single, Marriage, Separation, Reconciliation, Divorce, Happily Single – is enough evidence to prove that the movies, songs, and even his mom lied to him about love and how to “be a man.”

Tim believes in a new paradigm for being a modern man and teaches his clients the highly effective (but often counter-intuitive) steps a man must take in order to attain the life and love he truly wants.

Tim has 25 years of experience in personal growth work during which he studied with Landmark Education, Pathways Institute, Insight Seminars, Robert Bly, Sam Keen, and the Mankind Project.