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The Confident Man Ranch Retreats that master coach Steve Horsmon and I lead every year were featured in the October 2023 issue of GQ magazine online and at newsstands.


Most of the men who find their way here have one thing in common: they come through the doorway of relationship pain and chaos.

In fact, Nearly 70% of divorces are filed by the wife. And their husbands had no idea it was coming.

If you truly want to change the direction of your relationship and your life, then you must accept these difficult truths:

Knowledge isn’t enough.
• Endlessly talking about things won’t get you there.

• Begging, pleading, and promising will repulse her.

• Quick fixes and tricks to force her to change will backfire.

• Traditional marriage counseling usually makes things worse.

What does work?

At Tim Wade Coaching, we believe that you have the opportunity to pull your marriage back from the brink through the power of personal transformation and by practicing some simple but counter-intuitive relationship skills -- the kind of stuff your dad didn't teach you. 
Through personalized coaching, destination retreats, and life-altering online courses, we equip you with the knowledge and practices you need to create the kind of marriage and life you dream of.

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"I love you but I'm not IN love with you..."

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What Kind of Man Do Women Admire, Respect, and Love?
A LionHearted Man

Relationship Coaching for Men

To be LionHearted is to live life to the fullest. It means being whole; mind, heart, and body integrated and present.

A LionHearted Man is confident, strong, and consistent. He easily expresses love, joy, compassion, empathy, and kindness while leading by example.

He's not willing to settle for less than having an extraordinary life and the kind of relationships he desires.

He is who he says he is, responding from his values not reacting out of fear.

He's the kind of man that women call "amazing."

Relationship Coaching for Men


Here's what my clients are saying...


When I started working with Tim, I was recently separated. Even though I had been doing work on myself, I was feeling stuck. He really helped me move forward with my life and gain a sense of clarity and vision for my future. 

Without his knowledge, wisdom and support, I would not have found this path that I am now on. I truly owe it all to Tim. A sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Scott H. 

Minneapolis, Minnesota


I believed that the kinder I was, the more I tried, the more I acted as a martyr that eventually my wife would come around and we could save the relationship... We worked on establishing my “non-negotiables”,  to truly identify what I wanted in life and a partner. I became empowered to choose how to respond to situations and to decide how I was going to live my life. And through this, my wife finally opened up. Tim has been an invaluable coach ...

Mike C.

Chicago, Illinois


I truly appreciate your help through all of this. You are helping me save my life in a lot of ways, and I can't express my appreciation enough.

I just wanted to say how thankful I am for all of the time and coaching we shared the past few years. I am such a stronger and better man/person right now, compared to a few years ago, and I owe so much of that to you and your guidance/friendship.

I feel cool, calm, and collected. I am being strong for my kids, my parents, and my sister, as well as friends and coworkers. I feel as though I am handling all of this with confidence and focus that definitely was not present 2 years ago. I am just so happy and thankful to be the man I am right now, and you contributed so much to that.

Daniel K.
Cheyenne, Wyoming


Who knew that being yourself could be so easy! And my wife has come back around, completely turned-on by the "new" me, and we are having fun together again.  She said, "Whatever it is that you're doing, keep it up!"

Matt P.

Newark, New Jersey


Tim is a man just like you and me. He’s incredibly smart, inquisitive, insightful, wise and just as fucked up as the rest of us. It’s from that authentic, humble place where his generosity and brilliance shine.

Tim is a close friend and confidant who I trust without question and I invite you to do the same. He is the model of a man who never stops learning, trying, striving, loving, inquiring and improving… Tim’s on my A-list of people I choose in my life. Get to know him and I think you’ll find out why you’ll want him on your list too.

Steve H.
Livermore, Colorado

Men's Coach Tim Wade


Tim Wade is more than a men's relationship coach; he's a catalyst for transformation. With over 25 years of experience in the field of personal growth, Tim has positively impacted thousands of men through one-on-one private coaching, destination retreats, and online courses.

As the founder of Lionhearted Men Coaching, he's committed to helping men become their best selves.  Tim's approach encompasses personal growth, self-discovery, and emotional intelligence. He empowers men to thrive in their roles as partners and fathers. His profound wisdom and unyielding dedication make him a beacon in the field of men's empowerment, generating enduring transformations in the lives of his clients.

Men's Coach Tim Wade

** We do not use the term "LionHearted" in reference to any faiths, or religions. Our purpose is to help men become the best version of themselves regardless of race, creed, color, or religion.